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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holidays are exciting and fun, but they can be dangerous times for our pets.  We’ve had a couple of PetsOnTime visitors ask us to publish a list of pet safety tips for the holidays. Sheesh, after researching and compiling this

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Pet Dental Care: Questions and Answers

I think pet owners/guardians dread dental care for their pets as much as they dread going to the dentist themselves.  What’s the best way to make sure our pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy?  Are you rigorous about brushing their

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Saving Sight-hounds’ Lives

Dr. Charles A. Cohen

We had an excellent free conference call with Dr. Charles Cohen and Dr. Stuart Clark-Price, which is now posted on our website.  While the entire call was very informative, we learned some new information during the call that could save

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Are annual physicals for pets a waste of money?

I was talking with a fellow pet-owner a couple of weeks ago about pet care, and she said “Sheesh, when we were kids, the dogs never got all these services, and they did just fine.  What a waste of money:

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Is pet insurance worth it?

Many of the pet-related forums I read have been discussing an article from Consumer Reports that questions the value of pet insurance.  We decided about a year ago that it wasn’t worth it, and we decided to self-insure.  Here’s why…

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