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Dr. Cindy DiFranco with dogs

“The Truth about Dog Food” with Dr. Cindy DiFranco, DVM

Veterinarian and canine athlete coach Dr. DiFranco discusses what she discovered when she researched the dog food industry.
Dr. Cindy DiFranco with dogs

“How to Massage Your Dog” with Dr. Cindy DiFranco, DVM

Join PetsOnTime as Dr. Cindy DiFranco discusses why canine massage is important to the health of your dog and how you can get started with your own dog even if you’ve never given massages before. You’ll be able to ask her questions, either online or over the phone.
Dr Barbara Natterson-Horowitz

Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz: The Animal-Human Health Connection

"Zoobiquity" has set human and animal medical experts on fire articulating how many animal & human physical and behavioral disorders are nearly the same.

Dr. Tina Wismer, Animal Poison Control Center

Dr. Wismer, the Medical Director at the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center, discusses the how our pets get poisoned, and what to do...
Lorna Lanman, DVM

Dr. Lorna Lanman, DVM: To Feed or Not to Feed – Dry, Canned, Raw!!

Well known veterinarian Dr. Lorna Lanman discusses the latest findings regarding nutrition for our pets...
Lorna Lanman, DVM

Lorna Lanman, DVM: Disaster Preparedness for your Pets

Dr. Lorna Lanman, who is a nationally recognized expert on disaster response for pets, discusses how to prepare for an emergency...
Dr. Craig Dixon, DVM

Dr. Craig Dixon, DVM

Dr. Craig Dixon discusses dog breeds that are at genetic risk for disease, and what to do about it...
Dr. Herb Whitely

Dean Herbert E. Whitely, DVM

Dr. Whitely is the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois.
Dr. Beth Hagenlocker

Dr. Beth Hagenlocker, DVM, The Cat Practice

Veterinarian Dr. Hagenlocker discusses cat health, cat nutrition, and cat behavior during this free conference call about pet care...
Stu and Barbara Homer, GSGA

Stuart Homer, Co-Founder, Golden State Greyhound Adoption

Learn more about Greyhound rescue as discussed by Stu Homer and his wife Barbara who founded Golden State Greyhound Association in 2002.
Dr. Milinda Lommer

Dr. Milinda Lommer, Veterinary Dentist

Your pet's health depends to a large degree on dental health. Dr. Milinda Lommer discusses how to get a healthy mouth for your pet...
Dr. Charles A. Cohen

Pain Management for Pets

Pain management for pets is a challenging topic for most pet owners/guardians. Listen to this cutting edge discussion with 2 prominent vets
Dr. Charles A. Cohen

Dr. Charles Cohen, DVM

Dr. Cohen discusses selecting a vet, canine dentistry, mistakes in selecting a vet, getting top performance from a vet, and choosing a pet.
Robyn Greene, Fetch Pet Care

Robyn Greene, Fetch! Pet Care

Interview with Robyn Greene, franchisee of Fetch Pet Care in Marin County, CA. 
Anne-Frans Van Vliet, Running Dog Ranch

Anne-Frans Van Vliet, The Running Dog Ranch

This interview with the owner of The Running Dog Ranch discusses common dog behavior problems, including recall, leash behavior, and more.
Tara Liggett, The Pet Nanny

Tara Liggett, The Pet Nanny of Marin

Listen to Pet Nanny Tara Liggett on how to hire a pet sitter, and the kinds of information to ask and provide to a pet sitter.
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