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Dr. Lorna Lanman, DVM: To Feed or Not to Feed – Dry, Canned, Raw!!

Lorna Lanman, DVM
In this hard-hitting interview, Dr. Lanman asserts that many diseases we are seeing today are caused by pet food diets. She gives advice on how to separate fad diet theories from scientifically proven nutrition, and whether the AAFCO certification label is helpful. She also offers clear advice on how to determine the best diet for your pet.

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Dr. Lorna grew up on a cattle farm in central Illinois, where she learned the importance of nutrition for animals at a very early age. She and her family exhibited cattle at county and state fairs and the International Livestock Exposition. Knowledge in nutrition has always been extremely important in the development of Grand Champion livestock and for large animals to be able to go to market in the most efficient manner; however small animal nutrition has been defaulted to the pet food industry to “teach” veterinarians and students. Dr Lanman received her BS and DVM degrees from the University of Illinois and owned 3 veterinary practices in Illinois for over 20 years. She moved to Arizona and concentrated on attending numerous nutrition courses and herbology classes, studying nutrition for people and animals. She then established the PETSVET Animal Hospital in Surprise, AZ, and began addressing the myriad of problems caused by our pet food diets. She lectures to many groups on how to eat a healthy diet and feeding the biologically appropriate diet to our pets. Dr. Lorna has been a practicing clinician for nearly 39 years and continues to be enthusiastic about her patients’ health and well being by utilizing traditional western medicine and holistic concepts.
‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’

Dr. Lorna Lanman, DVM: To Feed or Not to Feed – Dry, Canned, Raw!!
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