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Lorna Lanman, DVM: Disaster Preparedness for your Pets

Lorna Lanman, DVM
Dr. Lorna Lanman, who is a nationally recognized expert on disaster response for pets, discusses how to prepare for an emergency.
She gives sound advice on what you can do to keep your pets safe during an emergency.

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Dr. Lorna grew up on a farm in central Illinois, received her BS and DVM degrees from the University of Illinois in 1973. She owned 3 veterinary practices in Illinois from 1975-1995, when she semi-retired to Arizona. She joined the West Coast Veterinary Medical Assistant Team, a Federal disaster response team in the National Disaster Medical Systems. She served as Administrative Officer, Deputy Team Commander and presently serves as the Team Commander of the West Coast National Veterinary Response Team.

As a member of VMAT she was deployed to Hurricane Floyd in 1999, to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in 2005, and she also was deployed to the wildfires in NM and Arizona. She accepted the invitation of USDA to assist during the Foot and Mouth Epidemic in England in April/May of 2001, and served 3 ½ months in Virginia assisting USDA during the Avian Influenza outbreak, where more than 5 million birds were destroyed from the turkey and chicken farms of the Shenandoah Valley.
Following the attack on America on September 11, 2001, Dr Lorna was deployed to New York to the World Trade Center to provide veterinary care to the search and rescue canines.

In 2002, she accepted the position as Assistant State Veterinarian at the Arizona Department of Agriculture. She also traveled to Jerusalem, Israel in 2003 as an invited guest in the Hadassah Medical Organization’s First International Mass Casualty Seminar. She has organized and assisted at numerous Spay/Neuter clinics on Native American reservations.

Dr. Lorna now owns and manages PETSVET, LLC Animal Hospital and Mobile Clinic in Surprise, AZ and resides in Sun City West.

Lorna Lanman, DVM: Disaster Preparedness for your Pets
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