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“The Truth about Dog Food” with Dr. Cindy DiFranco, DVM

Dr. Cindy DiFranco with dogs
Dr. DiFranco, who spoke to PetsOnTime in February about how to massage your dog, is a canine athlete coach for hundreds of agility dogs, and several years ago started to explore the role of nutrition in canine health and performance, specifically focusing on the make-up of dog food from the major pet food companies. What she discovered was shocking. If you are at all curious to learn the truth about commercial dog food, you need to participate in this call. The topics Dr. DiFranco covers include the role and effectiveness of AAFCO, the sources of dog food ingredients, how to read nutrition labels, the definition of ingredients (you'll be surprised), and Cindy's warnings. She also will talk about options, including homemade, raw diet, and supplements.

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Dr. Cindy DiFranco is a veterinarian with 20 years of clinical experience treating canine soft tissue injuries. She left clinical practice 7 years ago to focus on the performance of dogs competing in agility contests. Cindy has competed at agility’s highest levels for over 10 years and has been a 2-time United States Dog Agility Association National Finalist. She has developed specialized canine massage techniques, as well as cross-training routines, and provides canine nutrition guidance. She travels internationally teaching individuals how to massage their dogs and is available for private seminars.

“The Truth about Dog Food” with Dr. Cindy DiFranco, DVM
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