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Poor pet dental care shortens lives

Dr. Milinda Lommer

During our interview with Dr. Milinda Lommer, she emphasized the importance of dental care in the lives of our pets.  She observed that understanding the importance of pet dental care is a recent discovery, and that dental care wasn’t even

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No such thing as “Dog Breath”

During our talk with Dr. Milinda Lommer, she made that surprising statement.  What, really?  She stated that healthy dogs normally don’t have any bad odor to their breath, and that if they do, that means there is likely to be

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Wild animals don’t need dental care

Dr. Milinda Lommer, board certified veterinary dentist spoke to PetsOnTime recently and covered many helpful topics.  She observed that many pet owners will say “Why would my pet need expensive pet dental care?  It’s an animal, and they’ve survived in

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Pet Dental Care: Questions and Answers

I think pet owners/guardians dread dental care for their pets as much as they dread going to the dentist themselves.  What’s the best way to make sure our pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy?  Are you rigorous about brushing their

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