Are annual physicals for pets a waste of money?

I was talking with a fellow pet-owner a couple of weeks ago about pet care, and she said “Sheesh, when we were kids, the dogs never got all these services, and they did just fine.  What a waste of money: it’s just the vets trying to get more out of our wallets.”

She had a point, and I was thinking that we’re not really rigorous about getting regular wellness check-ups for our dogs, especially since they seem so healthy. (It’s one of the reasons we’re starting this business.)  Then recently, my sister posted on her Facebook that one of her dogs was diagnosed with a kidney disease, but the vet felt that it was caught early enough that they could treat it.  I asked her what the symptoms were, and her answer surprised me. She said there were no symptoms.  The disease was caught by a blood test during the dog’s routine annual physical exam.

Don’t try telling her that physicals for dogs are a waste of money!

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Are annual physicals for pets a waste of money?
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  1. Midge says:

    Don’t skimp on the blood work! My Talbot may have suffered renal failure for years before symptoms showed up. Now, we have a chance to stop the disease and give him a good quality of life. And trust me, he lives a very spoiled life!

  2. Laureen says:

    Well, I just took my 3 year old dog in for his yearly physical, took a whole of 3 minutes and charged me $40. I think physicals are pointless for young healthy dogs. He wasn’t due for any of his vaccinations — his is on a 3 year schedule for rabies and his core vaccines. All the vet did was look in his ears, eyes, and feel parts of his body. They couldn’t even take his temperature because he was so scared (shelter dog). And his nails are kept worn down by long walks.

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