Canine Massage: Excellent Class and How-to DVD

Cindy DiFranco, DVMLast weekend, I attended a class at the Marin Humane Society taught by Dr. Cindy DiFranco on how to give great massages to dogs. Dr. DiFranco, a vet since 1989, has owned a number of competitive agility dogs, and has developed a specialty in serving athletic dogs. She gave some great tips, and also had an excellent How-To DVD for sale.

Dr. DiFranco pointed out that dogs typically go all out, 100%, when they are playing or competing, and they get sore and torn muscles, just like humans do. Furthermore, dogs are programmed for survival not to show pain. Here are some of the benefits of canine massage that Dr. DiFranco discussed:

  • Canine massage can heal and repair damaged or stressed soft tissue.
  • Canine massage strengthens the human/animal bond.
  • Canine massage combats signs of aging, including stiffness, limited range of motion, and pain.
  • Canine massage helps prevent injury.
  • Canine massage improves a dog’s mental focus.
  • Massaging your dog helps you detect disease and abnormality much faster.
  • Canine massage improves a dog’s quality of life.
  • Canine massage is easy to learn.

Cindy reviewed the skeletal and muscular structure of dogs, along with the role of tendons and ligaments. During her talk, which was over an hour, her own border collie waited patiently and quietly on stage. After a brief break, she put her dog up on a massage table on stage, and gathered all of us in the class around her. She demonstrated a massage on one side of her dog’s body from her head down to her tail, and frequently had us feel her dog. For example, she showed us how much separation she could get under the dog’s shoulder blade, and how to stretch those muscles out.

I’d like to get Dr. DiFranco on a call soon, and PetsOnTime will soon be selling her great DVD’s. What do you think: is canine massage a subject you’d like to learn more about?

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Canine Massage: Excellent Class and How-to DVD
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