No such thing as “Dog Breath”

During our talk with Dr. Milinda Lommer, she made that surprising statement.  What, really?  She stated that healthy dogs normally don’t have any bad odor to their breath, and that if they do, that means there is likely to be some dog periodontal disease occurring.  In addition to bad breath, some other signs to look for that might indicate oral disease include chipped teeth, swelling around the gum tissue, and the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Pet Dental Care

What can a pet owner do to take care of their pet’s dental condition? She had a number of suggestions:

  1. Brush the dog’s teeth every day, if possible;
  2. Have the dog’s dental condition examined by a trained vet (not all vets have received dental training);
  3. Have the dog’s teeth cleaned, under anesthesia, as needed. Just scaling and polishing is not going to get the job done if there is periodontal disease.

Our talk with Dr. Lommer discussed this subject, and many more, in great detail.  Be sure to go to the PetsOnTime interview with Dr. Lommer for a full audio and transcript of our talk with her.

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No such thing as “Dog Breath”
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