Pet Vitamins Causing Harm

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Dr. Allan Hart, a partner at my former veterinary hospital, had performed three surgical cystotomies (surgical removal of urinary bladder stones) on a Shih Tzu dog. Once is common; twice, not too unusual; three times, rare. Several months after the last surgery, when Dr. Hart was discussing something with his receptionist, the client arrived to purchase some supplies. Among them were three bottles of vitamins. Dr. Hart asked why the owner needed 150 tablets for a 12# dog. “Well, at 8/day, they only last 20 days” and the owner couldn’t afford to get more than that at a time! Dr. Hart immediately realized that a severe overdosing of this over-the-counter product was allowing minerals to accumulate in the bladder, causing frequent recurrence of stones. Treatment: stop giving the vitamin-mineral supplements and feed the dog a balanced diet. Sometimes less is (much) more!
Although we may feel we know what is best for our pet, it is best to have a sound basis for making decisions. Be sure to speak with a veterinarian to obtain sound advice, especially if your pet is having chronic health problems. Sometimes, as in your own healthcare, this may mean speaking with a specialist or getting a second opinion. Doing so is usually worth the effort.


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Pet Vitamins Causing Harm
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