Saving Sight-hounds’ Lives

We had an excellent free conference call with Dr. Charles Cohen and Dr. Stuart Clark-Price, which is now posted on our website.  While the entire call was very informative, we learned some new information during the call that could save many dogs’ lives, especially sight-hounds, like greyhounds, for example.

Many greyhounds have died under anesthesia when their body temperatures rise uncontrollably: this condition is called malignant hyperthermia.  Dr. Clark-Price informed us that recent research has uncovered that this reaction is caused by the presence of a certain gene in the dog, and that it is familial.  Furthermore, the gene can be detected with a relatively inexpensive genetic test.  Listen to the talk for more details, but this could be a lifesaver for many sight-hounds.

We are going to research the best place to test for this gene, and post the results later.

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Saving Sight-hounds’ Lives
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