Wild animals don’t need dental care

Dr. Milinda Lommer, board certified veterinary dentist spoke to PetsOnTime recently and covered many helpful topics.  She observed that many pet owners will say “Why would my pet need expensive pet dental care?  It’s an animal, and they’ve survived in the wild without dentists.”  Dr. Lommer highlighted a couple of reasons why pets are different.

  1. Wild animals kill and consume the whole carcasses of their prey.  When they do this, in addition to getting a meal, the act of eating the carcass gives them lots of dental action.  Crunching through bones and fur is apparently very good for preventing gum disease.
  2. Wild animals don’t live very long.  The average wolf lives for about 6 years. On the other hand, our pets are living longer, so as they age, untreated gum disease can significantly affect their health in later years.  Just as in humans, pet gum disease can cause an explosion of bacteria that the body is always fighting, and which can result in or at least exacerbate kidney disease, congestive heart failure, and other diseases.

We covered a lot of other subjects during this talk, so be sure to download the MP3 or the transcript by going here.


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Wild animals don’t need dental care
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